Seqwater is an intrinsic part of South East Queensland – our people not only work in the region, they also call it home. As a part of the community we are dedicated to ensuring water for life – now and for future generations.

Our connection with the community is based on the shared values of living in a safe, secure and resilient South East Queensland. We impart these values by making lasting contributions to the community through education, recreation and local participation.

We recognise that two-way dialogue is the key to building long-term, enduring relationships with communities near and surrounding our assets. This means the information we provide helps to build a better understanding of how we secure water now and for the future.

You will find a range of information and fact sheets on this website to help keep you informed of our activities in and around your community.


Want to know more about South East Queensland's water supply and catchments? Visit our community education site for more information, explore our suite of resources or organise a learning experience at one of our sites.

We recognise the importance of community education and offer a range of activities and tours to increase understanding of the urban water cycle in an unpredictable climate.

Get Involved

Seqwater is committed to engaging the community and providing opportunities for our customers to find out more about activities in their area, or to ask any questions.

We recognise there is more than one way to connect with our customers and provide a range of opportunities to engage with us.

Our Contribution

Seqwater support a broad range of activities that help people understand what we do, and how they can help us realise our vision of healthy communities, prosperous region.

Find out about the types of community initiatives, engagement and other support we offer.

Ensuring water for life - now and for future generations