Views Module - SUSAN TEST: Based on catchment conditions and today’s rainfall forecast from the Bureau of Meteorology, the rainfall forecast for the next 7 days across Seqwater’s dam catchments is a catchment average rainfall of less than 5 mm.

Based on the current status of the dam catchments and the rainfall forecast, significant run-off into Seqwater’s dams over the next week is unlikely.

Currently Wivenhoe Dam is at 71.9%, Somerset Dam is 75.9% and North Pine Dam is 55.2%. The floodwater storage compartments at Wivenhoe Dam and Somerset Dam are fully available. No un-gated dams are currently spilling.  

On 21 January 2016, temporary full supply levels were enacted for Somerset and Wivenhoe Dams. These equate to storage percentages of approximately 90% for Wivenhoe Dam and 80% for Somerset Dam. This means that once Wivenhoe reaches 90%, gate operations may commence.

Gate operations for flood operations are not expected at Wivenhoe Dam, Somerset Dam or North Pine Dam in the next 7 days and there are no plans for the Flood Operations Centre to be mobilised.

Gate operations at Wivenhoe Dam may become necessary to keep Somerset Dam below the temporary full supply level of 80% should minor inflows occur as result of wet weather.

Updates will be provided if it becomes necessary to increase routine low flow operational releases.

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