Water quality begins at the source

South East Queensland’s catchments cover more than 1.2 million hectares of land. Seqwater only owns around 65,000 hectares of this land, so it is vital we work in partnership with our neighbours, catchment land owners and the broader community to improve catchment biodiversity and land management, as well as moving towards more sustainable land use.

We undertake strategic catchment planning to minimise and manage risk. This includes developing Natural Asset Management Plans in partnership with our catchment communities to ensure a more consistent approach to managing the land around our drinking water and irrigation storages. The plans identify and prioritise natural assets and recommend management strategies to maintain or enhance natural assets.

As well as strategic management, we have a team of 40 rangers and catchment officers, who manage and maintain our catchment land and the recreational use of our sites. This involves much more than mowing the grass. They undertake duties including fire management, illegal access monitoring and management, pest and weed control, as well as managing public access to our very popular lakes and picnic areas.

We undertake ongoing revegetation, erosion, fire, weed and pest management programs to improve the performance of the catchments. This work also significantly improves the habitat of endangered species of flora and fauna.

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Water quality begins at the source